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Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are text information which is sent by the server and saved on a computer or mobile device you are using. Cookies usually contain the name of the website they come from, the time of their storage on the end device and a unique number. Storing cookies is necessary in order to use the online store in an efficient manner.

The entity placing Cookies on the Website’s User’s end device and gaining access to them is the Website’s operator Komex S.A. based in Warsaw, ul. Bysławska 82, 04-993 Warsaw.

What Cookies do we use and for what purpose?

We use Cookies to provide users with maximum comfort when browsing the website and using the store. Cookies may also be used by advertising entities and partners cooperating with us.

Our website uses two types of cookies: session cookies which remain saved on your computer or mobile device until the browser is closed, and persistent cookies which remain on your device for a time specified in cookies parameters or until they are removed in the browser.

We use the following Cookies:

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They help us execute your order correctly. The remember data about the logged-in user, the basket content in the website.

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Thanks to them, we know how many people visited our store. We use them in particular in order to keep statistics of visits, which allows us to improve the website’s structure and content.

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They facilitate sharing information with your friends using social networking services such as Facebook. permanent popup_counter.

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We do not want to flood you with advertising. Therefore, you see a pop-up with a newsletter only twice These “Cookies” allow us to limit the display of advertisements only for new users..

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They enable displaying information about Cookies Policy until clicking an appropriate link for you to freely learn about its content.

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<span style=” “>Session cookies

<span style=” “>session

<span style=” “>Google Analytics

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<span style=” “>AddThis

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They allow us to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.


How to remove Cookies?

You may block or remove Cookies stored in the memory of your computer or mobile device at any moment. The removal method varies depending on the used browser. Information about the method of removing Cookies may be found in the tab “Help” of a selected browser. You may also use the scheme below:
Mozilla Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Privacy
Internet Explorer: Tools -> Internet options -> Privacy
Google Chrome: Settings -> Show advanced settings -> Content settings

Remember that our website needs to use cookies so that you can fully use our online store.


Mamo, Tato – wspieramy Cię aktywnie w codziennych wyzwaniach związanych z rodzicielstwem.


By using this website without changing your browser settings consent to the use of cookies. You can always change your browser settings determining their saving.
Click here to learn more about Cookies Policy.

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